Sneaker Jam is a game inspired by “Space Jam” the movie.

Users will be able to interactively play with replica Jordan shoes in a candy crush like format( Match 3 or more).

Through game play users will: unlock more pairs of Jordans and other Jordan sponsored athletes shoes.

Users will also learn the history of each sneaker throughout game play. As well as being able to play with and against Looney Tune and Monstar Characters.

Creating more popularity for the up coming Space Jam 2 movie.


Air Jordan 1 OG White / Black – Red

A stepping stone to the world of Air Jordan is the Original Air Jordan 1 (I) White Black Red, which was worn by Michael Jordan the majority of the 1985 season. What Michael Jordan called “Devil Shoes”, the Air Jordan 1 (I) White Black Red sold for $64.99.

Easily, a true piece of Michael Jordan history, many sneaker collectors try to obtain a pair of Air Jordan OG 1 (I) White Black Red, in Deadstock or Used condition. At this time, finding a DS pair with box and hang tag can easily sell for $1,000.

Michael Jordan dominated the 1992 in the Air Jordan Original 7 (VII) White/Light Silver-True Red aka Hares. The OG Air Jordan 7 Hares received its nickname from a commercial with Bugs Bunny lacing up a pair of Original Jordan VII “Hare”.

Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 (VII) Original Hares during the season, which lead to his second NBA Championship. Soon, a retro of the Air Jordan 7 Hares will release.


Air Jordan Original – OG 11 (XI) Concords White – Black – Dark Concord

Brining back to the old days, the Original Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords were worn by Michael Jordan back in 1995 in the semi finals. Sadly, each game Jordan wore the Original Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords he was fined $5,000.

Michael Jordan continued to wear the Original Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords for two more games, then switched shoes. Since the OG Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords was a Black and White shoe, and the whole Chicago Bulls team wore Black sneakers, this caused the fines.